They are great. I used these for the fronts of my 2002 civic dans le cas où to replace the trash that the prior owner had in there. Certain upgrade. Crossovers fit right in the door well with a few velcro. Easy mount. No problem. Price is great. 400 watts of fury. You won't be disappointed.

Edit: Had to drop it to 3 stars from 5. The initial allure faded after I realized one of my tweeters was slicing in and out after only 2 days post installation. Turns out the solder on the negative terminal in the indifferent tweeter was done badly. There was a solder bead dislodged and not making connection with the port which I noticed after cutting through the number of dried hot stuff on the back of the tweeter. This is sub-par. I spent way too much of my day off trying to puzzle out what the issue with this tweeter was. I will contact Pyle to have them send me an alternative tweeter. The other tweeter is great, and the 6. 5" woofers fly. Crossovers fit nicely in my panel of the door. Kit comes with everything you need to setup your component system.

Change 2: Registered the product and reported the poor soldering job on the negative terminal of the tweeter to the producer who sent us a replacement tweeter within a week. Very happy now. Works as intended. Appears great. Back to 5 stars for the professionalism and trust of Pyle Customer Support.

Edit 3... the tale continues... after just two months of using these speakers, they started damaging and crackling badly on the drive to work yesterday. I ran some tests in the lunch time break. Turns out the crossovers blew NOT the speakers. Probably from all the vibrations from driving a car. Best thing that could've happened actually. My car actually comes stock with tweeter +/- terminals lurking behind each front door -panel. I primarily bypassed these to use the covered crossovers. When I examined my woofers and tweeters and found they both still work, I removed the crossovers and used the wires from the stock harness for the tweeters and woofers. Salvaged us a ton of wire and crossovers in the door panel which not only now appears more clean and powerful, but there was always a rattle behind the door panels. Ends up it was the crossovers extremely behind the panels resistant to the door metal. They are large crossovers, but having them step out was the best thing that could have happened. More powerful audio and no longer rattle. I am going to take it.

Edit 4: The saga continues. If perhaps you recall using this review, Pyle sent me 2 new tweeters under warrantee. Well, they both blew. The only thing that actually still works from this set are definitely the 2 woofers and one original tweeter. 2 replacement tweeters blew (in a couple of minutes on reasonable volume running off a Pioneer Headunit for instance nothing crazy), one original tweeter was not sodered properly so it did not is employed at all rom leap and both crossovers blew. Pretty pathetic. I'm heading with 2 new Ability Acoustic Tweeters.